Are you aware of the changes brought about by the POPI Act?

Do you have a clear understanding of the POPI Act?

Have you identified the impact that the POPI Act will have on your organisation?

Our Solution

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act has transformed the South African privacy landscape.

Acorim has 3 specific solutions to guide you through your continued compliance, namely the POPI Gap Analysis, Information Officer Evaluation and Training to ensure ongoing awareness.

Key Facts About POPI

  • New South African data privacy legislation which came into effect on 1 July 2021
  • Any organisation which obtains, processes, stores, or shares personal information is affected
  • Stricter conditions for obtaining data privacy consents

POPI Act Gap Analysis

We will facilitate an assessment, including workshops with key individuals, to provide you with a comprehensive POPI Gap Analysis, including guidance on the recommended policies that you should have in place.
This report will identify areas that require improvement to ensure ongoing POPI compliance.

Information Officer Evaluation

Our team will customise a questionnaire to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the appointed Information Officer. This will provide your company with comfort that the chosen Information Officer is attending to his duties and responsibilities as required by POPIA.

Information Officer & Employee Training

Our team will provide general and refresher training to each of your employees and Information Officer. We ensure that each of your employees is aware of the POPI requirements, to drive POPI compliance.

4 Steps in Achieving POPI Compliance

What we do

Providing guidance on POPI compliance, the POPI Gap Analysis is a valuable tool for any organisation. This will help increase awareness within the organisation, identify risks and help you prioritise key aspects so that your company becomes or continues to be compliant.

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